Monday, May 14, 2007

Poll bows out by getting it spot on

Graham Poll bowed out of the English premiership with his head held high, making a brave and difficult decision that was absolutely spot on. The massed ranks of English footballing journalists and Harry Redknapp should have been watching Match of the Day on Sunday night when it showed that a Portsmouth player passed the ball to Nico Kranjcar and not Arsenal's Philippe Senderos. At normal speed it looked for all the world as though Senderos bumped the ball to Kranjcar, who scored, in which case there would have been no offside. But Poll and his assistant spotted the Portsmouth player's touch and avoided what would have been an unfair goal and an unfair victory for Portsmouth. That couldn't stop Redknapp mouthing off, though. He swore he'd seen the replay and it showed "one million percent" that Poll got it wrong. Well Harry, your players who shook Poll's hand to bid him farewell at the end showed more dignity than you. And Poll, possibly the finest referee England has seen, finishes a brilliant career on a high note.

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Nancy said...

I went to the Fulham-Blackburn game when I was over there last month and was quite excited to see Mr. Poll reffing. I got quite a kick out of the cheers the Fulham fans directed his way.