Sunday, October 12, 2008

Three down, one (probably) to go

The dreaded assessor was on the touchline on Saturday, my third since the start of the season. I'm already resigned to not getting promotion. I only have myself to blame: I have not lost the weight I need to to get around the pitch quickly enough. Too often, when play breaks suddenly, I just don't have the fitness to get up the other end quickly enough.
It makes it harder to make accurate decisions and the risk of making mistakes grows. It's a problem I've had since I started reffing and only becomes an issue when I'm competing for promotion with refs who are 20 years younger and five stone lighter. The assessors have all - somewhat apologetically pointed out that it's going to be hard to promote me to a level where I could be reffing supply league games.
Still, the assessors are also helpful in pointing out other things as well. A couple have pointed out that I'm letting too many niggly fouls go by and that I should be firmer, an interesting observation that has made me look a bit more carefully at some of the challenges I'm letting go by.
Maybe I could pick up a few more. Maybe not. But at least I'm thinking about my game.

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