Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just what I needed after a dodgy pickled onion

At least there's Chelsea to watch, I thought as I sat at home feeling like death warmed up, suffering after a dodgy pickled onion or rotting pork pie on Saturday night at son's school quiz.
Although Chelsea dominated the first half with fluent movement, they were allowed to do so by a nervous Arsenal. The Gunners' weaknesses concealed a fragile Chelsea defence and a strike force consisting of Anelka and Kalou, both of whom looked too shy to shoot.
Yes the first goal was a yard offside but its effect was devastating. Chelsea's superficial confidence dissolved and they were transformed into a bunch of nervous schoolkids. Deco proceeded to give away every ball and the defence was appalling. In fact Arsenal looked more likely to score a third.
I thought Mike Dean had an excellent game, letting it flow well but keeping right on top of all incidents, although the offside was the linesman's decision.

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