Monday, November 10, 2008

Lehman still stroppy, even at home

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has said he may retire because the refereeing in the Bundesliga is so bad.<
The 39-year-old Stuttgart keeper, who returned to Germany this season after five years in the Premier League, was booked by referee Babak Rafati in a 2-2 draw at Eintracht Frankfurt.<
Rafati allowed two goals - one for either side - to stand, infuriating the stroppy German 'keeper.
"We all have reason to be not too happy with the performance of the referee," he said after the match.<
"I kept asking myself what on earth he was blowing for. These are referees for us and not for the two people in the stands who are writing a report about him. What that man did was unbelievable."<
Lehmann was furious at the yellow card he received, his third of the season for dissent.<
"There was a situation in which a Frankfurt player feigned an injury so we could not launch a counter-attack," he added."The referee said he had to stop play for the injury and then the man stands up and doesn't even leave the field to be treated.<
"I told the referee, 'Look! There he goes!' and he shows me a yellow card - incredible.<
"That was so bad that I may as well not bother playing in future. I did not even say anything nasty to the referee.<
Nice to see things haven't changed much for the unhappy Lehmann.

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Anonymous said...

Our league is better off without Lehmann but he was always good for comical value. I heard tonight on 5live that Ray Parlour thinks they should get rid of assessors in the stand as referees don't make common sense decisions because they're under too much pressure.