Thursday, December 22, 2011

The slippery slope

has been well and truly followed by the Dutch football association, which today rescinded the red card awarded to Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvadaro, who decided to take the law into his own hands when he was attacked during a game against Ajax on Wednesday.
Alvadaro quite justifiably protected himself against the moronic attacker, who fell to the ground. But he then attacked the intruder, landing two hard and brutal kicks to the body before being pulled away by teammates. Referee Bas Nijhuis correctely sent him off for violent conduct. The laws are very clear. You're not allowed to attack anyone. The law's not just there for violence towards an opposing player. It applies if you attack a teammate, a ball boy, a mascot or an opposing fan. A player is expected to be able to control themselves.
The Alkmaar players went berserk when Alvadaro was sent off and the manager took his players off the pitch, forcing the referee to abandon the game.
The federation gave a most contrary opinion on Thursday when it announced the card was being rescinded, saying the ref had acted according to the laws in sending him off. But the card was rescinded and no action was taken. Hhhmmmm!
So players, from now on, feel free to kick the crap out of anyone daring to enter the field of play. And managers, this is how you get a game abandoned.

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Anonymous said...

If a fan attacks you, the ref - what would you do? Defend yourself? And if this involves striking your foe? Do you send yourself off?