Friday, February 03, 2012

FA gives players guidance, DVD on dangerous fouls

The FA is seeking to quieten the arguments over two-footed tackles and dangerous fouls by issuing a guidance note and a DVD showing examples. This follows meetings between Premier League clubs and referees' chief Mike Riley, "to try to come to some form of consensus as to what is a careless tackle, what's reckless and what's an excessive force tackle."

The issue has been highlighted in the past few weeks by the Vincent Kompany sending off for a two-footed challenge and the failure to send off Glen Johnson for what looked like a very similar foul. The Premier League said its talks over the Johnson challenge alone lasted an hour.
"There was a very interesting discussion on this as it is possible to make arguments for being both reckless and/or excessive. So while there was a case for yellow, in the end there was stronger case for red," Riley said. The Liverpool player received neither.
  Riley said interpretation of Law 12 had not changed at all, "but we want to establish some principles that referees work to."
"The advice is to be mindful of your responsibilities towards your opponent and beware that if you commit to a tackle, at speed, with intensity, by and large with two feet off the ground, then you run the risk of being sent off," Riley added.
Riley said refs make about 250 decisions in a game, and one or two them may be wrong.

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