Friday, June 22, 2012

Watch out for the Slovenian assistants tonight

Word has it that the Slovenian linos in charge of tonight's Euro2012 have unorthodox flag techniques and some strange habits that have developed in the Slovenian leagues.
A fellow refereeing blogger has spotted several of them working a Champions League match between Arsenal and AC Milan in March, in which an AR is holding the flag in what is perceived generally to be the wrong hand, ie the right one, as he runs towards the goal line. The keen observer has also spotted that the flag handle he uses is an old fashioned wooden one, and so buzzer flags, used by all top assistants, are not being used.
Damir Skomina, the referee tonight, is widely admired as an exciting young ref, but I hope he's supported by his assistants, Mr Arhar and Mr Stancin.The blogger also spotted an Additional Assistant Referee standing a yard behind the goal-line for a penalty. Now what use is that?

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