Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ref in QPR-Everton is a school head - and it shows

Jon Moss, referee of the QPR vs Everton game at Loftus Road, is a primary school headmaster in Yorkshire, and it shows.

In the first half of the game, he frequently had lengthy discussions with naughty boys, but there was no lecturing tone, just a conversational and patient exchange that kept emotions in check. Nice to see.
Moss, who only reffed his first premier leaguue game earlier this year, also shows that he played football at a decent level, having been on Sunderland's and Millwall's books as an academy player and only taking up reffing in 1999 when he realised he wouldn't go much further as a player.
Moss attracted the ire of David Moyes in the first half when he refused to give a penalty. Yes, there was contact with the Everton player in the penalty area, but it was minimal and he had already over-run the ball. In fact a Bobby Zamora push just seconds later was a stronger candidate for a spot kick.

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