Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ode to Diego - a fascinating translation

(spotted on a blog. is this a Google translation?? At least they got "Large Diego" right

English Version
In a village naci Was deseode God to Grow and to survive to the humble one expresin to Face the adversity withthe fan to be gained at every step the life.
In a pasture forj an immortal left With thirsty experience ambicin to arrive from spring onion soaba to play aMundialy to be consecrated in first perhaps playing was able its family to help
Large Diego!!!
For the Diego this theme
I reduce that d├ębut Marado Marado The 12 was who core Marado Marado Its sueo tenia a Full star of goal anddodge.
And all the town cant Marado Marado Naci the spring of God Marado Marado Llev alegria in the town Reg of glorythis floor
With a thing in the shoulders By being the best By be not sold jams Al to be able enfrent Curious weakness ifJesus tropez because the not habra of doing it

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