Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off we go again

A new season and up to Gravesend to run the line in a premier division match. Any hopes that a higher standard of football would bring a better standard of discipline were quickly dispelled as the whinging started after about 10 minutes and grew in volume. My colleague in the middle managed to keep his cards in his pocket for the first half but dissent reached a crescendo in the second half and the yellow card made regular appearances.
Found myself having to make two big decisions, the first when I didn't give a home team player offside and the second one when I spotted a huge shirt pull in the penalty area by a defender. I think I got both of them right but it was a fast paced game and I woke up with cramp this morning.
I've reffed two or three local friendlies in August but they've been weak affairs and don't really challenge a ref. This was a full-blooded affair, however, between teams of a reasonable standard and was a decent test for all three of us.


Anonymous said...

I challenge you to any Premier game in the local league...much tougher than what you will get in the higher league given the division you will be getting games in

Fat Ref said...

that's a difficult one to answer when I don't know who you are. drop me a mail on and i'll speak frankly.
I would be delighted to be able to compare the premier div of the maidstone league with the county league lower divisions