Sunday, November 02, 2008

Adrian Childs - I thought you had sense, not like Ince

I'm used to hearing nonsense on tv from ex-players turned supposed expert analysts, but I've always liked and admired Adrian Childs - until he had me climbing the walls in anger with his criticism of the ref during the Blackburn-West Brom match.
Childs criticised referee Mike Jones for "bizarre" decisions. These "bizarre" decisions included blatant shirt pulling by defender Ryan Donk in the penalty area. "If you start giving those you'll be giving a lot of penalties," were Child's wide words. Adrian, it's an offence to pull opponent's shirts and it results in a direct free kick or penalty, when done so blatantly.
Then, Jones had the temerity to give Benny McCarthy a yellow card - his second - for deliberately handling the ball with a so-called professional foul. Again, a fair yellow card.
For God's sake Childs, don't just join in the mass hysteria. Leave it to the likes of wonder-brain Paul Ince, who came up with this little gem:
"Give red cards for dangerous and malicious tackles where the studs are up, fair enough. It is not a game for women."
What more can I say?


Anonymous said...

I like Childs as well but would be interesting to do a poll of refs who would've given the penalty. The attacker had the ball at his feet so maybe a quick shout from the ref "let go" would've done the job. Was clear and obvious though. When will the players learn?

Anonymous said...

Off topic fatref, but I want a say. I am a soccer fan, not a fanatic, I support no team, but the sport. Two things I despise, verbal or physical abuse of the ref. Physical abuse, red card for life.

Three red cards in any given time frame, banned for life. No arguements, no pussyfooting by tribunals, no appeal.

The day is coming when my other pet hate will have its affect. Hooliganism. The only answer, close the stadiums, to spectators and fans. Go and watch the game at home. Stadiums are for the players, if you (hooligans) can't behave, the everybody pays the penalty.

I will post on this myself in the near future.


Fat Ref said...

not off topic at all Argentum, but I'm afraid pussyfooting is the order of the day in the world of football