Monday, November 24, 2008

Clever defenders but cheats nonetheless

West Ham’s defenders did well against Sunderland on Sunday, but they broke the laws of the game and got away with it twice. Once, Kenwyn Jones was wrestled to the ground as the ball as crossed, Collins’ arm was around Jones’ neck. I’m guessing the crime was committed before the ball arrived in the area. The second offence was far more difficult, in fact almost impossible, for the ref to spot, As Cisse and the defender ran into the penalty area, it was clear Cisse was going to get a shot in and the defender subtly wrapped his arm into Cisse’s, dragging him downwards. Both players fell to the ground, but even replays only just showed the offence in slow motion. At full speed it was impossible to detect.
The fact is, if players are determined to cheat. They’ll find ways to get away with it. But don’t blame the ref. Try blaming the cheating player. How about retroactive for offences like that?

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