Monday, November 24, 2008

Webb - a bit too soft?

Having praised Howard Webb to the hills recently, I’m going to question a decision he made in Sunday’s Spurs vs Blackburn match. Jenas and a Blackburn midfielder tangled, going down heavily together and semi-scuffling on the floor. The super-fit Webb was there in a flash to stop the scuffle from turning into a fight.
He appeared to have settled matters, but as Jenas stood up the Blackburn player maintained his grip, nit releasing Jenas’s leg. Jenas violently disengaged himself with an aggressive and violent gesture. As the Blackburn player stood up, he kicked at Jenas, making some but not too much contact.
Now in my book, both those players were guilt of violent conduct and could easily have been shown red cards. Their actions were aimed at injuring another player. But Webb showed yellows only and the MOTD analyst thought that even that was harsh.
Three people; three views; I suppose that’s what amkes it such an interesting game.

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