Friday, November 14, 2008

Throw the book at Drogba - but he may throw it back!

Didier Drogba deserves the heavy punishment he looks set to be given. His behaviour in the Burnley match was completely unacceptable and shows only too well the bubble of arrogant complacency in which top players live, apparently convinced they are are not bound by any laws of self-restraint, let alone legality.
Yes, it's unacceptable for Burnley supporters to have hurled a coin at him. He could have been severely injured. But they have several excuses; they're stupid, they're bigoted and they have no care for anyone else.
Drogba gets more than £100,000 a week - think about that amount - and for that grotesque sum, he is expected to be a great player AND an ambassador for his club, his sport, his country and his continent.
It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to realise that hurling a coin back into the crowd is going to dump you in huge trouble. Unfortunately, Drogba, like many of the footballers who delight us with their athletic skills, doesn't seem to have a lot going on upstairs.
So a season which has already been seriously disrupted will now, probably, be even further disrupted. I wonder if Scolari will wonder if he's worth it.

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