Monday, November 17, 2008

Weary legs after weekend double header

After two weeks of rain-induced inactivity on a Saturday afternoon, FatRef found himself in the middle for two county cup matches at the weekend. Grounds were heavy and I was grateful that the Sunday morning match didn't need extra time, or I might have been crawling around the pitch.
Found myself being assessed on Saturday afternoon's match, a shame really because the standard was poor and it was one of those games where I spent minutes standing still watching the ball ping to and fro, with neither side really up to stringing more than one or two passes together.
I pointed out to the assessor that I was aware I had a mobility problem and he looked relieved not to have to point it out. I was distressed and surprised, however, when he pointed out that the ball had been moving for a free kick taken quickly and which led to a goal. I caught the same player twice doing the same thing but I allowed the free kick to be taken quickly even though I hadn't had a chance to check that the ball was stationary. The ball went through several phases before a goal was scored but it was still an annoying error to make.
The assessor also said I should have booked more players earlier. I didn't say anything but I disagreed with him. I didn't think the game was ill-natured and I showed four yellows anyway. Whinging players don't really faze me these days, but I guess he didn't appreciate the usual complaints.

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