Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rooney, Ronaldo - Are they immune from punishment?

Andy Wilkinson of Stoke fully deserved the red card he was shown by Chris Foy during Stoke's 1-0 defeat by Man Utd today, but I have to say Ronaldo should no longer have been on the field by that stage - and neither should Wayne Rooney. Foy received no help from his assistant when, two yards away the touchline and the assistant, Rooney first elbowed a Stoke defender violently and then got him in a headlock.
The assistant could have helped Foy, who was a good 30 yards away, but didn't raise his flag.
Later, Ronaldo kicked out widely at Wilkinson but the crime went unpunished. Wilkinson's fouls on Giggs and Ronaldo were so crude that Foy could do nothing but show the red card, a ridiculous foul when Stoke clearly needed every defender on the field. Ten minutes after he was sent off, Man Utd grabbed the winner. The sight of Wilkinson applauding the Stoke fans as he left the field was simply absurd.

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