Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wenger makes a mockery of Respect campaign

"I know exactly how it works here. At half-time the referee gets stick and in the second half, every 50-50 decision went to them. I decided to wait and see what happened after half-time and I was not disappointed. It is not only at Villa where it happens. I don't feel the need to elaborate any more."

With these comments, Arsene Wenger drove a coach and horses through the FA's Respect campaign. He deserves severe punishment for coming close to accusing Lee Mason of deliberately giving decisions against his team. i.e. he is accusing Mason of cheating. We should not be fooled by Wenger's air of detached intelligence. He is as cunning, deceitful and cynical as Alex Ferguson.

His comments appear deliberately designed to deflect criticism away from his team's inability to hold onto a lead and thus away from himself. Wenger took the shine off what was a cracking game of football with his comments and does football an injustice.

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