Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last match of season was a first

Thursday night was my last match of the season and it gave me an unexpected first - my first game reffed under floodlights. It took a little while to get used to the artificial light replacing the fading natural light, but it's an enjoyable experience. The only newbie's mistake I made was to accidentally look directly at the lights a couple of times and blind myself for a few seconds. A lesson learned.
The match was without any real importance, the home team had already won the lead and the away team was playing its third game in four days to try and clear up its fixtures before this weekend. But still the 22 managed to pull together a keenly contested 1-1 draw that saw both teams trying really hard to nick a winner.
I kept my cards in my pocket until the last five minutes, when a couple of players got little overheated, but it was a good one to finish the season with. Lots of criticism from the away team, but frankly i'm fast developing the ability to be deaf to it all.
So - Until next season. But before then I shall be merrily blogging from the Confederations Cup in South Africa and chatting about the various issues that are sure to crop up.

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