Tuesday, February 07, 2012

20 years ago, managers had to keep it shut!

Referee: What is the most significant rule change in the last 30 years? How or why is that important?
Lover: In a positive manner, two changes in 1992 and 1997 - keepers not being allowed to handle the ball when it is passed, or thrown, to them. That has eliminated a boring tactic and helped the rhythm of the game - there is more play to enjoy.
In a negative aspect, the 1993 change allowing coaches to direct tactics during play. In my view that's the worst change since the Laws were first codified in 1863. Officially, this privilege was intended 'To improve the quality of play' but, after 15 years who can claim it has achieved that goal? As one international coach said, "A coach only needs to convey occasional tactical instructions during play unless he is incompetent and has not established his ideas in training."
Visible coaches cause more harm to the game than players. I would gag them and do away with technical areas, which only serve as stages for maniacs.

By Stanley Lover

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