Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Stanley Lover - a fascinating man

I wish I had Mr Lover's CV! I'll be linking to one of his articles.

Stanley F. Lover was born on December 18, 1925 in London, England. Currently living in Neuilly, near Paris, France, he is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a marketing consultant. A painter and sculptor, Lover is also a golfer (lowest handicap 3) with eight holes-in-one. He has served as Qualified Golf Referee for five years with French Federation de Golf. 

Tuberculosis ended a promising semi-pro playing career in 1946, so he turned to refereeing with over 1,000 matches including serving as an assistant referee in the Football League for 11 years, plus international matches and European Cup ties. He has held many leadership positions including President of the Football League Referees Association and The London Referees Society. He was the sole FIFA selection to the FIFA Panel of Instructors for Referees Courses (1971-94) where he conducted FIFA courses in all six Confederations. As a writer Stanley has contributed many instructional features and articles for referees worldwide and was recently honoured as one of the most influential figures in soccer officiating history by the National Association of Sports Officials in America.

Read this for his life story - Diary of a Timid Lover is his autobiography!

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