Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mike up refs? why not, no problem

Senior referees are already miked up to their fellow officials. Very few of them would have any problem with those communications being broadcast to the outside world. None at all.

In fact they would all be delighted to hear what happens on the football pitch. It might open a few eyes.
There are some who suggest that football would self-police, that the bad language used by players during the game would fade away if MOTD and Sky were forced to "bleep" half the conversations.
The public would probably find it very interesting to be able to listen to conversations between the referee and his officials.I think they would be impressed by the professionalism with which duties are carried out.

But the hardy perennial of stick referees in front of the cameras after games has reared its ugly head again. No! This must not happen. It's a TV company-inspired fix up to try and improve the entertainment value of football by hauling the ref over the coals. It's a trap that referees must not walk in to.

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