Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's get it straight - Ref I got the ball first is not good enough

Oh how I wish all players could read this blog entry.
Because if they did they would know that this referee at least will no longer accept the anguished cries of "But ref I got the ball first" while vainly drawing a ball in the air.
The laws of the game have changed from this season, only football's authorities have chosen not to make very much noise about it.
Whereas last year's laws specifically stated that getting the ball first meant a challenge was legal - unless it was dangerous - now the law simply states that careless tackles are penalised with a direct free kick.
No reference is found anywhere to making contact with the ball first.
That means that if you take the ball and then carelessly clear out the man on the follow through, it's most likely going to be a foul.
Complain as much as you like about football being a contact sport, you have to accept the inevitable. Tackling is of course permitted, but you must only take the ball.

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