Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's serious injury, not head injury, that stops play

How depressing to see commentators and Premier League managers damning referee Michael Oliver today for daring to stop play in the Man Utd vs Everton game for Jonny Evans to get treatment.

"David Moyes is furious that Oliver stopped play when it wasn't a head injury," said Sky's spot-on pitchside man.
Well, dummy, it's because Oliver knows the laws of the game and you don't.
The Law says nothing about head injuries. It says a referee can stop play if he believes there's a possibility of a serious injury - to any part of the body.
Oliver felt that an Everton player won the ball, but in doing so could have injured Evans seriously. So he stopped play.
It drives me mad when I hear criticism of referees who are thinking only of the welfare of players.

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