Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Two throw-ins, goal scored from one, Ref all at sea

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The ref in this top division clash in Finland between league champions HJK Helsinki and Haka gets himself into an awful mess here by giving a goal when two balls are on the pitch.

As you can see if you study the video hard, a Haka defender clears the ball to about the halfway line, where a Helsinki player picks up the ball and takes a throw-in. At the same time a ballboy 20 near the Haka quickly throws a ball to a Helsinki player who takes a quick throw and his teammate scores.
Chaos ensures and the referee appears to remain totally unaware that a second throw in has been taken from the correct location. The Helsinki player who receives the ball from the correct throw-in rather deviously kicks the ball out of play hurriedly.
This is a clear example of abominable communications between assistant and referee. the assistant had a perfect view that two throws had been taken and could have helped the referee by advising him of that. Most helpful would be if he had flagged immediately, before the goal was scored.
But even after the goal had been scored the referee could have corrected himself and awarded a retake of the throw in from the correct position near the half way line.
What a mess!

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dubhe said...

are you sure that the correct position of the throw-in was near the half line? are you sure the second throw-in interfered with the acctual play?